When you need playful and engaging participatory processes to facilitate collaboration, decision-making and team-building.

I design engaging, interactive sessions that turn passive group processes into eventful experiences.

• Provide a fun and revitalizing team-building experience
• Uncover participant motivation in order to design more engaging interactions
• Get a shared way of seeing organisational processes through the eyes of a Game Thinker


RAUM - Urban Exploration
The Urban Playwalks game was part of RAUM Der Lusten in Utrecht in the summer of 2021. Open the game in your browser and play the game while visiting the outdoor exhibition or any other urban environment you happen to find yourself in.

Playwalks are play-based walking tours through the city. The intention is to create more awareness of the city and change the way we interact with urban space. Playwalks can be used to explore a specific site, or to explore general themes of urban life and its unwritten rules.

Urban Playwalks is a play-based city-making initiative founded by Lily Higgins & Bruno Setola in 2019.

Erasmus University (SUPP) - Urban Policy-making
For the third year in a row now, I provide the SUPP master track with gamified workshop formats for Strategic Urban Planning. These are played with stakeholders from all over the world. Once the participants have come up with proposals, we do a reflective reality-check in the form of a game. This is where real-world dilemmas and complexity come to the surface and the proposals are challenged and approached with a better understanding of key issues.

Ministry of Education, Culture and Science(OCW) - Visioning
As part of a full day of workshops for OCW's managers staff, a creative visioning workshop was held to inspire the 2016 BZO year plan. Using prompt cards the participants discussed various future scenarios from refreshing new angles.

De Baak Driebergen - Reframing
A workshop in reframing for wicked problems. This playful workshop was inspired by the Frame Creation Method of Prof. Kees Dorst. It helps participants look at problem situations from different points of view, revealing the possibility space that eventually leads to coming up with unexpected engagement strategies.

MooiMooierMiddelland: Participatory Citymaking
In this ongoing participatory city-making programme programme, citizens, entrepreneurs and the municipality work on improving the neighbourhood. Over the past years I helped facilitate processes like visioning, negotiation and decision-making, using a variety of game-inspired workshop formats.

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