When you need better engagement and new ways of working together.

My consultancy focuses on co-creating engagement strategies, when you’re dealing with a lack of participation.

• Uncover the hidden ‘game rules’ that impact the dynamics in your organization
• Make sense of the different motivations at play within your team(s)
• Translate proven game mechanics into tangible engagement strategies

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Many consultancy sessions have resulted in applied games, co-created with these organisations:

Total View
Total View helps you develop a creative business mindset. Playing the game gives you a chance to collaboratively discover business opportunities in the market, while staying true to your core values.

Co-created with Mark Schotman. Graphic Design by Tereza Ruller).

Switch is a role-playing card game for children aged 10-15 which helps them consider different responses to challenging situations. The game deals with topics including language, behaviour and ethics.

It was commissioned by the Rotterdam Public Library to celebrate 550 years since the birth of Erasmus. According to Erasmus, it is essential that people enter a dialogue to understand each other, and this is exactly what Switch instigates.

Switch was rigorously tested with three different schools in Rotterdam, over the course of a year. The base concept was developed in collaboration with Gamification students at Willem de Kooning Academy. Graphic Design by Tereza Ruller).

The B.A.D. Game
The B.A.D. Game was created to help prioritising six different categories of problems in public space. This game of "Bloody Awful Decisions" is based on the age-old children's game: "would you rather be eaten by a lion or drown in lava?" By using humour it refreshed a participatory process that had become bogged down in details and "poll fatigue".

The colored backs of the cards refer to the six categories and with the resulting cards an infographic is made that gives a clear indication of which problems are to be addressed first.

Commissioned by the City of Rotterdam (MooiMooierMiddelland). The base concept was developed in collaboration with Gamification students at Willem de Kooning Academy.

Oud & Wijs
Oud & Wijs (Old & Wise) facilitates a round table conversation by senior citizens on the topic of safety (in the street, at home and online). The game addresses real-life dilemmas that were described by senior citizens, caregivers and police officers. Part tips & tricks, part open dialogue, the game challenges the players to evaluate various approaches to feeling more safe.

Zorg & Dwang
Zorg & Dwang (Care & Coercion) is a game that helps treatment teams of caregivers develop a human-centered approach while learning to do so within the constraints of the recently introduced Dutch law "Zorg & Dwang". The game has no manual; by turning over the assignment cards, the game board is explained and levels up as you play.

The game was co-created with "Jij en Jouw Team" (Graphic Design: Jij en Jouw Team)

Placemaker is a place-making toolkit that helps streamline the participatory process of designing new working or living environments. It was implemented at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences to involve managers, tutors and students in describing a clear provisional programme of requirements. Placemaker was also applied in the participatory citymaking process of two city squares and a cluster of streets in the City of Rotterdam.

Applied by the University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam and the City of Rotterdam(City of Rotterdam)